All 100% nylon fully dyed color fast flags with strong canvas heading and large brass grommets.

Made In The USA.

"If I could rest anywhere, it would be in Arkansas, where the men are of the real half-horse, half-alligator breed such as grows nowhere else on the face of the universal earth." Quote attributed to Davey Crockett

Arkansas, officially "The Natural State", is a state of mountains, valleys, dense woodland and fertile plains. Its clear lakes and streams and abundant wildlife help to make tourism one of the state’s most important industries.

Arkansas became a state on June 15, 1836. In the early days of statehood, a couple of U.S. Senators had some disagreement on the spelling and pronunciation of Arkansas. One preferred to be called the senator from Arkan"saw" and the other preferred to be called the senator from Ar"Kansas". In 1881, the conflict was resolved when the state General Assembly passed a resolution stating that the state’s name was to be spelled "Arkansas" but pronounced Arkan"saw".

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