6″ Commercial Flagpole Trio 2, 6″ 30′ & 1, 7″ 35′


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This Trio is from our cone tapered Commercial line of flagpole.
     2 – 30′ x 6″  finish height satin finish number C30060125 and one 35′ x 7″ , satin finish, number C35070156

Max wind for this set is 184 MPH. This will give a great display using 5×8” flags on the 30 ft. poles and a 6×10” on the 35 ft. pole. These flagpoles come complete with flag snaps, revolving truck top, gold ball, halyard, cleat, and foundation sleeve and flash collar.

Freight will be quoted separately once we know where the flagpoles are shipping to. You can contact aak@aflagpole.com for a freight quote or follow through to order, and place your order now no charges will be made to your card until we have contacted you with an exact shipping charge. Average for this set of 3 poles is $469 to $889 to commercial delivery addresses.   Request Freight Quote

Note: These flagpoles are not bolted to or attached in anyway to the wall or columns. They have their own independent footing, and the columns are built around the flagpoles. The cap has an 10″ hole, the flash collar sit on the cap.  This allows the flagpoles to vibrate (as they do) with out damaging the wall or column.