60′ Independence Extreme XI60120375 230MPH


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This is a 70′ flagple shown with a 12×18′ flag


Extreme Series  Independence 60′ x 12″ diameter x .375 wall

 Standard Features

Additional Info

These poles are custom made for high wind zones

  • 60 ft.tall installed  (66′ overall)  XI60120375 Rated 230MPH
  • Revolving Top Head (with dual sealed bearings)
  • Gold Ball Finial (or ball truck combo at no additional fee.)
  • Independent Cable Arrangement For Flag
  • Stainless Steel Air Craft Cable
  • Stainless Steel Winch with removable crank hankle
  • Locked Door (no access required for raising or lowering flag)
  • Welded Reenforced Door Frame 
  • Stainless Steel Flag Snaps
  • Neoprene Covered Counter Weight
  • Beaded Retaining Ring (s)
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Metal foundation sleeve with lightning spike
  • Detail instructions

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