Residential Installation

Before You Dig…

  • Read though these instructions and make sure that you have all the components and tools required for the installation.
  • Select a location for your flagpole where it cannot be struck by lawnmowers, automobiles, bikes, etc.
  • Avoid locations in the vicinity of power lines
  • and check for any underground gas or power lines.
  • Do not attempt to climb flagpoles.
  • Do not lean ladders against flagpoles.
  • Do not allow children to operate a flagpole unattended.

Tools and Accessories Required – Not Included


Note: Light Duty Home Kits only require approximately a 8 to 15 inch diameter hole, and the depth of hole would be equal to the length of sleeve that comes with your pole. Best to have gravel on bottom of hole for drainage. Dementions listed below are for commercial quality residential poles, but the procedure is the same.  General rule is 3 to 4 times the diameter of pole and 10% of pole height goes in ground. (20 ft. tall pole above ground =2 ft. in ground).

Tie the two ends of your rope together and then palce a flag snap above the knot about 1 foot. Then the other snap the proper distance below the knot for your flag.


Show Below is a foundation for a 3″ flagpole.

It is 18″ diameter and 24″ deep, The finished pad at surface is 24″ diameter. Slightly larger than the footing below it but all poured at the same time.